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Kafka's Koffee - now in decaff

March 27, 2001

added this new decaffinated version, hopefully this will look better on netscape and computers with a lower resolution, so please tell me what else i can change so this site will look better

also moved the counter over to the left frame... exciting, isn't it?

Streamlined for my pleasure...

March 25, 2001

AH! So THAT'S how you use templates! I finally figured it out and now this whole site is soooo much easier to update, that and i got a nifty new program for grabbing the whiteboard screens, since none of you guys cares to get them for me... but none the less! I updated 2 new galleries in the whiteboard section of your guys stuff

i'm looking for some more art to put in the friends section, so if anyone wants to send me something scanned, i'll put it up.

that's all for now, some real sketches coming up soon

Hey! Get that pony off the couch!

March 4 2001

Update Update Update! I fixed the whiteboard gallery pages so that they now work, seemed like a good idea. Added some sketches to the sketchbook and newsprint pages. There are also some more whiteboard drawings up, from all of my fans. Fans being you.

A links page is coming soon.

Ambition is lacking

Feburururururary 7th/8th, 2001

I added a photos page, as you can probably see, and I'll actually be updating with some sketches soon! I've been getting mad Kafka love on the whiteboard from you people so more gallery listings will be going up too, hooray!

There's a new little dinky thing on the bottom of the page that you can add your email address too and you will be notified when I update this page, 9 out of 10 dentists recommend it!


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