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This is the Kafka's Koffee community Whiteboard, everyone of all shapes and sizes and colour and nationality and gender and sexual preference and political standing and shoe size and water buffalo and bacon and wallet are allowed to enter. [Ok, I know it kinda fell apart there in the end] I set this up so that you, the loyal viewer, and me, the lazy art student, can interact in drawing pretty pictures for the whole world to see and hear and taste and touch and smell and lick and fondle... oh dear, now i'm all flustered...

Anyways, enter the whiteboard and become one with Kafka's Koffee!

LOOK OUT MAN! Here comes the Revenge of the online whiteboard of love! It saw what you did to it's brother and now it's out for blood! I wouldn't come around these parts unless you are fully prepared to draw tons of amazing pictures filled with love and Pez.

Actually this was just added so that you would have more space to save some pictures because I prolly won't be able to catch them all before you guys save over the new ones.


send me a screen shot of your drawing and i'll put it up in the gallery.