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YaY! eric has a camera and he has friends, therefore he takes pictures of them and puts them on his webpage!

Hooray for modern technology!


Fun in Perspective Class!

Erle smiles big

Where's the beach Erle?

Where's your ass Erle?

Where's your fist Erle?

Awe! Showin' some love for Sal!

Now you can see how all the magic happens:
Jess and eric updating Kafka

Mad Crotch

I had to take the real good crotch shots off because Erle's girlfriend didn't want them up, but MAN they were sweet!

Hooray for faulty camera buttons:
Jess crotch

and now, what you've been waiting for: eric crotch!

People I Know

Flash in Lauren's face!

Jess in red... for some reason


Alexandra looking all computer pixelly and cool

Hooray! It's Jo! Saluting me on a job well done!

this is kevin, he's sleeping, shhhhhhhh.

Random Thingies

Making it happen with the cap'n
jess, jess and kevin

Weee! Cake!

Uh oh, look out cake! Someone's gonna get ya!